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Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Principles

Dear colleague / customer / supplier / partner:

The following principles and codes aligned with the FIDI ANTI-BRIBERY AND ANTI-CORRUPTION CHAPTER v- 1.2 are honored and respected by Class International Movers and all members of its supply chain.

By signing this document, you (natural and / or legal person) commits to follow and maintain the same code of conduct that denotes ethical behavior.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Principles

Class International Movers and its entire supply chain (suppliers, agents and customers) must follow the principles outlined in this statement so that there is zero tolerance for bribery and corruption by following the suggested code of conduct.


Payola – The offer, promise, delivery or receipt of an advantage (tangible or intangible) as an incentive to proceed. It is illegal and it is a discredit.

Bribery – It is a system of incentives or rewards offered, promised or given for commercial, contractual, regulatory or personal benefit.

Law fulfillment

Any law that counterarguments this principle will prevail over it.

Code of conduct

  1. Not involve somehow in acts of bribery.
  2. Not to offer, manage or authorize dishonest payments to any person or entity, whether within or outside the national ambit.
  3. Not induce an individual, local or foreign authority to act in a illegal or improper way.
  4. Do not offer or accept money, valuable goods, gifts, bribes or commissions in connection with corporate purchases or the grant of a contract.
  5. Do not offer or give gifts as a demonstration of your hospitality to any government employee, official, authority or representative if there is an expectation or it implies a return of the favor.
  6. Do not accept gifts from a business partner – supplier, customer, etc. – if it is perceived that there is any suggestion that something is expected or implied in exchange or the return of a “favor”.
  7. Do not facilitate payments to obtain a level of service to which we normally would not have the right.
  8. Do not ignore the improper or dishonest attitude and report it to the proper authorities.
  9. Do not induce another individual to violate a rule or regulation in force.
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