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Data privacy policy

Dear colleague / customer / supplier / partner:

The following principles and codes aligned to the FIDI Manual 3.2 Standard Edition 1, are honored and respected by Class International Movers and all members of its supply chain. By signing this document, you (natural and / or legal person) agree to follow and maintain the same code of conduct that denotes ethical behavior.

Data Privacy Principles


This policy applies to all Class International employees, its suppliers and its collaborators throughout all the supply chain.

The personal information of our clients will be collected, used, stored and divulged only for business purposes in order for the company to provide quality service.


Any person – whether an employee of Class or of a supplier or collaborator – who has access to personal information of our clients (individuals or accounts) must comply with this policy as a requirement to work with Class International Movers.


  • Keep company information under strict confidentiality to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Use or divulge company information exclusively for employment purposes.
  • Do not share information to unauthorized persons without the consent of a senior executive of Class International Movers.
  • Those employees who must collect personal information must explain tthe customers how and for what purpose such information will be used.
  • The information given to our clients must be complete, accurate, timely and relevant.
  • Once the service is completed, the information will be stored in files for no more than 10 years. After that time everything will be deleted from the company’s records.

Law fulfillment

In the case that the law fulfillment contradicts this policy, the law prevails and all the persons involved must comply with it.

Security measures

  • Limited access to company information only to authorized personnel
  • 24/7 security guards that keep the access to the facilities allowing only employees to enter during working hours. Outside of these hours the central server and files are locked up as same are the offices.
  • Computer security for servers and changing passwords for the stations
  • Reliability in the transmission, storage and disposal of electronic data.
  • Company information can only be sent through trusted networks
  • Every authorized person is trained in data security issues.

Security Incidents

At the moment that any person detects a Security incident (regarding Class information), this person must communicate it to no later than 24 hours after the incident is detected.

In view of it, an investigation will be carried out on the matter. Information technology staff will be contacted for this. All research must have the total support of the employees, which means that they will help in everything that is required. If necessary to complete the investigation, access to the facilities of suppliers or collaborators as well as records, logs, files and any relevant document that will help to determine the origin of the security incident will be required.

Finally, the incident will be resolved by the necessary resources (respecting our law and codes of conduct) by the Quality department and corrective measures will be taken to prevent it from happening again.

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