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Enviroment Policy


Guarantee that the various activities carried out in CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS comply with the highest standards in safety, occupational health and the environment and in accordance with Law 29783 Reg. Supreme Decree 005-2012-TR.


Establish the general guidelines for an adequate management in CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS in the environmental aspect, that guarantees create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, complying with the standards established in terms of caring for the environment and the prevention of pollution as well as the preservation of facilities, equipment and the environment, implementing ecological policies that include the use of recyclable materials and proper waste treatment.

The General Management is committed to this policy as can be seen in the quality policies of the company.


The fulfillment of this policy is the responsibility of all areas of the Company.


This policy will become effective since the day following of its approval by the General Management.


CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS considers its workers as the center of the environmental concerns and sustainable development and contributes to their integral development, for which it assumes the commitment to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by carrying out its activities with social and environmental responsibility, ensuring the well-being of its workers, the surrounding communities and promoting a culture of prevention in safety, occupational health and pollution.

CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS is committed to develope and ensure an environmental policy defined by the following principles:

  • Total commitment of the management with environmental policy.
  • Prevent, control, minimize and eliminate possible environmental impacts that
    could be generated as a result of our activities, products or services.
  • Prevent pollution, minimizing the impacts that our activity could cause on the
  • Promote the use of clean technologies and non-contaminating elements.
  • Generate in the CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS area of ​​influence, the
    awareness of the benefit acquired by the person who lives in a healthy
  • Prevent in all activities, injuries, illnesses and the risks to the environment, health
    and security and implement systems that allow its identification and control.
  • Comply with all laws, bylaws, rules, regulations and standards applicable to the
    activity of the company and to the care of the environment and promote the
    continuous improvement of our processes to comply with current environmental
  • Train and coach all its workers so that they have the necessary skills to maintain
    a work area free from environmental damage and risks to occupational health and
  • Maintain open communication with the authorities, communities, collaborators,
    strategic partners and other interested publics, regarding issues related to the
    environment, health, industrial safety, community relations and human rights.
  • Rationally use water, electricity and fuel in our operation and properly manage the
    waste that we generate both in operational and administrative tasks aswell.
  • Monitor environmental conditions and waste disposal generating periodic
    compliance reports.
  • Comply with the procedures established for the collection, transport and final
    disposal of waste according to the established waste classification (cardboard,
    paper, wood, plastic, scrap, others).


It will be utmost importance for CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS to preserve the environment for which ecological policies have been implemented that include the use of recyclable materials, adequate waste treatment and care for the environment.

CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, has defined as one of its strategic objectives, the development of all its activities within a context of social and environmental responsibility.

To fulfill these objectives, the Company compomises to:

  • Establish the setups for the management of the facilities and equipment as well
    as the use of recyclable materials and the adequate treatment of waste in CLASS
  • Preserve facilities, equipment and the environment, implementing ecological
    policies that include the use of recyclable materials and proper waste treatment.
  • Maintain a preventive approach that favors the environment.
  • Minimize the generation of waste by continuously evaluating the operations and
    seek their efficiency.
  • Minimize toxic emissions by selecting and using its fleet and the source of your
    energy requirement.
  • Actively promote recycling both within the company and among its customers and
  • Comply with all environmental legislation that its related to the company.
  • Find a way to compensate for gas emissions that could be generated as a result
    of the company’s activities.
  • Promote the use of recyclable materials in the packaging of our clients’ goods.
    Likewise, it must be separated from the waste material in such a way that it can
    be treated properly.
  • Promote the care of green areas and comply with the disposal of garbage and
    waste according to the established classification criteria: of recyclable and non-
    recyclable, using specially designed repositories.
  • CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS is responsible for the harmful effects that its
    operations could generate on the local environment and is committed to reduce
  • CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS to guarantee the adequate collection,
    transport and disposal of the waste generated in its activities, may contract
    companies specialized in this activity, establishing the guidelines that comply
    with this policy.
  • CLASS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS will implement a training program for its
    personnel in order to sensitize them in relation to responsible management of
    the environment and favor the development and difusion of activities that
    respect the environment.
  • Generate a process of awareness among staff and families in the preservation
    and restoration of the environmental conditions of their surroundings, in the
    efficient management of water, energy and waste disposal resources,
    generating dynamics that establish specific actions that impact on the
    improvement of their quality of life.
  • Encourage in the staff good environmental practices in their daily work, taking
    into consideration the environment and natural resources, to contribute in some
    way to reducing impacts on the environment and avoiding the depletion of
    natural resources, such as the use of efficient water, reduce waste generation,
    avoid the purchase and use of disposable products, rationally consume our
    hydrocarbons and use energy efficiently.
  • For the care of the environment, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the CLASS
    INTERNATIONAL MOVERS facilities and to use aerosols and contaminating

Waste Selection and Quantification Procedure: Chapter V: Operations Manual.


The person in charge of the environment at Class International has the following functions:

  • Be aware of the law that corresponds to the environment and particularly what
    corresponds to the Company and also to the changes to the mentioned law.
  • Promote the points indicated in subtitle VI.
  • Modify Class environmental policy if necessary and communicate it to all workers
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